An Unforgatable experience : Dzanga Sangha

The Great Dzanga-Sangha Rainforest
8 days / 7 nights
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Lowland gorillas in Dzanga Sangha, forest elephants, Bongos, Sitatungas, traditional medicine with the pygmies, cruise on the Sangha River...


3In the heart of the Congo basin, in the core of the real African people, culture and tradition, the Dzanga sangha special reserve stretches its pristine biodiversity at the bank of the Sangha River. Favourite home for forest elephants, Bongos, Sitatungas, dwarf buffalos, many water birds including the grey heron, grey parrots amongst others for bird lovers. A unique biotope in the world for habituated groups of Western Lowland Gorilla, Bai Hokou
is the Gorilla research centre in the Ndoki National park. Follow our pygmy guides and go their path when tracking
“Makumba”s family, the silver back of a 14 member’s family. The Ba’aka’s folk are very friendly people who still live in their ancestral lifestyle. Go together with them in one of their net hunting expedition and let yourself be introduced to their traditional medicine…Enjoy the company of our professional guide along the way, who cater for your daily needs from your arrival to your return.

Day-by-day itinerary

  1. Day1- Sat: Europe – Nsimalen Airport (Yaoundé)
  2. Day2- Sun: Yaoundé – Yokadouma
  3. Day3- Mon: Yokadouma – Libongo - Bayanga
  4. Day4,5,6- Tue-Thu: Bayanga
  5. Day7- Fri: Bayanga – Libongo – Yokadouma
  6. Day8- Sat: Yokadouma – Yaoundé – Return flight

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An Unforgatable experience: Dzanga Sangha

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