From the Heart of Darkness to the Soul of Culture

A pristine journey through time
16 days/ 15 nights
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PRICE : € 4969 (pax 2-3) / € 3816 (pax 4-6)

Lowland gorillas in Nouabale Ndoki and Lobeke NP, forest elephants, Bongos, Sitatungas, traditional medicine with the pygmies cruise on the Ndoki and the Sangha River.-western highlands - torpical plantations- Bamoun sultanate - picturesque markets - kayaking - craft market - traditional dances - beach relaxation.


Ajourney through time and emotions in West Central Africa; go back in time by visiting important chiefdoms and witnessing traditional dances, travel through the jungle of Africa’s pristine Congo moist forest basin, the beautiful heights of the Cameroon mountain range, the spectacular savannah, the Sahel and - view Giraffes, Lions, Elephants, Hippos, Elands, Roans, Topis, Kobs, Gazelles, Warthogs, Leopards, jackals, Hyenas, Civets, Genets, Wild Dogs, Baboons, Monkeys and many more in Waza, Bouba Ndjia and Benoué, while you will have an exclusive encounter with Forest Elephants, Buffaloes, Giant Bush Pigs, Sitatungas, Bongos, numerous monkeys and the impressive Lowland Gorilla amongst others at the Lobéké, Dzanga Sangha and Nouabalé Ndoki National Parks.

Traveling through these parks allows us to view and listen to an impressive list of birds, amongst which a good number are endemic. Meet the people who make Africa, from the Bantu population in Southern Cameroon, the Semi Bantus in the west, the Sudanese in the north and the Pygmies in the forest. Experience real Africa, in 22 days or more and get yourself treated with a special VIP service and a professional field.

Day-by-day itinerary

  1. Day1- Sat: Europe – Nsimalen Airport (Yaoundé)
  2. Day2- Sun: Yaoundé – Yokadouma
  3. Day3- Mon: Yokadouma – Lobeke(Petite Savane)
  4. Day4- Tue: Lobeke(Petite Savane – Bolo –Djembé)
  5. Day5- Wed :Lobeke(Djembé) – Bomassa –Ndoki
  6. Day6- Thu: Ndoki – Mbeli Baï – Ndoki
  7. Day7- Fri: Ndoki – Bomassa- Bayanga
  8. Day 8 – 10 Sat – Mon: Dzanga-Sangha
  9. Day11- Tue: Bayanga – Libongo –Yokadouma
  10. Day12- Wed: Yokadouma – Yaoundé
  11. Day 13 -Thursday: Yaoundé – Petpenoun (B, L, D)
  12. Day14- Friday: Petpenoun (B, L, D)
  13. Day15 – Sat: Petpenoun – Foumban - Jakiri– Babungo – Bamenda (B, L, D)
  14. Day16 -Fri: Bamenda – Bafut – Limbé (B, L, D)

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From the Heart of Darkness to the Soul of Culture A pristine journey through time 16 days / 15 nights

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