Jengi & The Community

A significant part of Jengi Expeditions activities are oriented towards Responsible Tourism projects as conservation and local communities welfare are also our main concern. Responsible Tourism is not only a concept in our opinion, but a real way of doing things.
That is why most of the time we operate in small sized groups because "small groups leave fewer footprints". We thus minimize the impact on natural resources and local cultures while enhancing the potential of local communities. We usually advise our customers with clear guidelines such as reducing waste during their stay and encouraging local production consumption and no purchase of products coming from wildlife nor harming their habitat. Part of our activities concerning Responsible Tourism is grouped under the name of Harmattan Program.
This program is a futuristic tourism development showcase aimed at the introduction of conventional accomodation facilities throughout West Central Africa in strategic areas, in a bid to maximize tourist time spent at various attractions while limiting the time spent driving between the lodges and attractions.
It is also aimed at a gradual take over / creation of private game reserves providing a "secure heaven" to various endemic mammal species. This facilitates monitoring and easy sighting / access of the various flora and fauna of these areas as well as offer diversity in product range.
Our objective besides sustainable tourism promotion is to increase the awareness of conservation amongst immediate local communities while leading them to become major stakeholders in tourism related activities, benefit from tourism as well as create employment opportunities. Train local communities to be able to control and run local eco-lodges and attractions as need may arise.